About Us

About Us

Rajtai Shree is an exclusive online destination which has started in 2015 with the purpose to meet the requirements of furniture and home decor accessories bringing you the excellent quality hand-picked merchandise from across the globe.

Rajtai has comprehensive home furnishings contributions feed to a variety of design tendencies and flavors which includes a collection of exclusive furniture sourced from India, China, Malaysia, and Brazil. We are constantly up to date with the global trends and fortunate to connect with a larger number of people in a short span of time. Thanks to our quality control team, has years of practice in acquiring exotic fittings from these markets.

The heartiest thing about the Rajtai has wide collection series of lovely substantial wood furniture and decor accomplices from the original craftsman and artisans of Rajasthan. All of our commodities are deliberately selected to assure that the furniture you buy from us meets the highest norms of quality.

Rajtai follows customer-centric approach guarantees that we’re with you every step of the way. We’re aiming to build a world-class brand that is compatible with trust and there is complete transparency in all our dealings. We pay respects to the smallest details giving you the most bother free experience when you buy from Rajtai Shree.

Rajtai has been envisioned by deeply experienced bodies at its helm who have been included in the production of premium position furniture on a tremendous scale for nearly two decades now. Our founders have great knowledge in e-commerce and technology as well, having started the highly successful ventures just a short while back.

Our Process

  1. Before we pass the products we do a complete inspection and ensure quality promise.
  2. Every furniture is completely cleaned and disinfected. Every Appliance goes through testing and quality check.
  3. Our images meet every aspect of the product. We believe in Trust and Transparency. What you see is What you Get.
  4. Aim to seek long-lasting relationships.

What Makes Rajtai different

  1. Value for Money 
  2. Hassle Free Returns 
  3. Money Back Guarantee
  1. Instant Quotes
  2. Fast Delivery

Why Choose to Gain or Shop at RajTai Shree?

Shopping at RajTai is a significant thing to do for homeowners who are seeing for modern and large quality furniture at home. All furniture set they are striving are exclusive and extended at its affordable prices, which addresses it very affordable for people. The affordability of our furniture with world-class quality features offers a great chance to those home and business owners who can’t afford to buy precious furniture because of its price.

Apart from the pocket-friendly price of the furniture, these are also made from durable and resilient materials which manifest that this furniture can be used for a couple of years. That is why, you have given great support that you don’t need to replace your furniture every now and then since all varieties of furniture offered by RajTai is already a big hit in your place.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to let your home, cafe, offices and restaurants resemble aesthetically appealing, delightful and cool to look at, make sure to shop at RajTai Shree.